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I put up lots of pretty screen shots here
its the only place I can view pictures at work for some reason!

quick query

Hey darlings,

I know there isn't really an excuse for me not knowing this, but I don't have any chars with level-capped professions, so:

Will the first available recipes in the crafting professions (specifically: alchemy, tailoring, enchanting, and leather working are the ones I'm interested in) take reagents from BC or Wrath?
I've been on vacation for a bit so I was just now getting the most recent patches. The Blizzard Updater updated itself and whatnot, and I got two patches without any problems, but on the last one (a 5 MB one) it's telling me the download isn't authorized. When I try to get more information, it tells me to ensure I have the latest version of the downloader or that the download isn't authorized, but it doesn't tell me what that means or how to fix it.

Any ideas?

hi ladies

whereas i'm one of the unlucky ones (no beta for me../cry) i was wondering if any of you kind ladies could give me info on the new alchemy recipes..herbs etc? i'm jittery with excitement with what blizz will do with my prof.
thanks in advance and many many kisses

Mouseover Macros

Does anyone that happens to browse the forums a bit more than me happen to know what they did to mouseover macros in the last patch, and how to fix them? They broke mine. :(

Alternatively, someone recommended Clique, does it currently work in the beta? I know there were mods they claimed to work in beta that, quite frankly, didn't. Does anyone have any insight?


Sep. 22nd, 2008

So I wanna take some screenshots out of my Beta, but I have no idea where they get saved, or if they even do.

Does anyone know where I can find them? Or do I have to use a different sort of thing to take SS in the beta?


So, in a fit of brilliance, I decided to pile all my herbs on my druid-going-to-be-an-inscriptionist-even-though-she's-only-60 alt and copy her to the beta realm to play with inscription. It took two days for the copy to go through and when I was finally able to log in, I may have squeed. (and I'm not a squeer)

Found the trainer in SW and happily inscribed my little heart out.

Until I hit 150. The trainer did not have a new level available for me. So, I went to see a different trainer. No new level.

A little googlefuing and I found a few people that have managed to get to 225. (And one person who claims 401 but I don't think I trust him.)

So, anyone else inscriptioning? Did you manage to get over 150? I'd promise you cookies for the answer, but all I really have is some leftover peacebloom and a couple of things of lion's ink.

*ETA* - Thanks, ya'll! I'll check again when we're back up today and put in a ticket if I still can't get past 150/150!