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Copy Failure

What do you do if a premade character copy fails?

It wouldn't be such a big deal but it's my final copy available.
Ok I keep getting stuck with the ERROR #132 (ox85100084) Fatal Exception since I downloaded the beta patch. At first it was happening when ever I tried to loot underwater, then whenever I moved my character (so I could still get in and mess with the settings to see if that helped, which it didn't)and now I crash like clockwork at the loading screen with Arthas on it. I went to the forums first and deleted my interface and WTF folders, tried the -swtnl which just turned everything magenta and still crashed at the loading screen. Tried -opengl and then it started crashing at the log in screen. Anyone else have any suggestions?

Ridiculous question

I started a DK and I'm trying to do the Steal Horse quest. I get the horse fine but the second I mount it, I go into combat but there's nothing around attacking me. I get the horse back to the Horseman but his ? is silver and he won't interact.

I can't think of what I'm doing wrong. Help!
Hi guys :) I hope this kind of thing is OK to post...

My boyfriend and I both have Horde characters on Lich King (both 70 - my holy paladin and his warrior). I don't think either of us wants to quest very much since we don't want to burn ourselves out on the expansion before it comes out, but we would definitely like to do some instances. Is anyone else here also on Lich King who would want to join us at some point? :) I've heard from wow_ladies and whatnot that a lot of people seem to be on Northrend, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask. :)

We're Sarith (my paladin) and Skadol (his warrior). :)

So, as some of you may have noticed...

Northrend is down. Outland is full of people complaining about Northrend being down. So, I decided to try something new: inscription, and herbalism. So:

There was a scent of fear in Westfall. Long had its citizens been harassed by the terrible Defias Brotherhood, menaced by murlocs and gnolls, and they lived in fear of the terrible creatures within their mines. Today, however, it was a new kind of fear. Death rode on a horse, burning prints into their hills. It was a Death Knight, known to be the most horrible minions of the Lich King. They cowered in fear, knowing that running would be of little use. The Death Knight stopped by the edge of one of their farms, and dismounted. The farmers held their collective breaths.

The Death Knight took off their gauntlets, and crouched on the ground. Their hand reached out to delicately grasp the plant there. Bruiseweed, by one farmer's reckoning, though that he still retained his knowledge of local herbs was amazing.

"...twenty more points," the Death Knight uttered, and stood. They called to their mount, and rode off swiftly into the hills.

Sep. 15th, 2008

As the person who started Better Beta Bureau, the Alliance-side guild on Northrend, I wanted to let you know that I'm going to be away for a week.

But! Do not despair! Anyone who is Member-rank can also invite! Just do a /who better beta bureau and you should be able to find someone who can invite you.

If you're in the guild and foresee being on a lot, feel free to offer your name in the comments for ladies who might be looking to join.

And, as always there's the wowladies channel :)

Have fun!

Sep. 15th, 2008

Can I just say how much I love that facepalm and eyeroll are now emotes? I've been waiting for eyeroll to be an emote forever... I sometimes do it on live, even though I know it isn't one. Facepalm is new, right? I don't REMEMBER it being there.

Oh, cower is pretty awesome as well.

1) Have you guys found any new emotes?
2) Is there a Hordeside guild on Lich King for us?

So frustrating...

Has anyone been able to get onto any character logged into Northrend (on the Northrend server)? I try to log into my character who I had left in Warsong Hold and after it goes through the loading screen, it tells me the world server is down. It's been like that all weekend for me. I had another character I had logged in Shatt so I went to Org and tried the zep but it just dumped me off after leaving the tower.

Is it just a hit and miss type of thing? Like...if I just try repeatedly will I finally be able to get in or has it pretty much been down constantly for everyone?

I was able to get onto Murmur and had to laugh. While the character screen showed all the gear, when it loaded my character in the game...only like boots, gloves and helm were showing. It seemed to be happening randomly as I saw a few other people like that. Right before I lagged out so badly I just gave up. :/

remind me why I installed beta again?

The past three days I haven't been able to log on AT ALL. My character list will NOT load. I can't create any new toons on any of the servers.

Yet it seems a lot of other people are still able to play.

I should have given my key to someone who would actually be able to log in and play this damn thing.


Hi there!

This is my first post in the beta group here, thanks for having me!

I'm Zevlyn (boo name change as well) and Cynche on the Northrend server, so feel free to add me and say hi!

At the moment I can't seem to get past the loading page and actually get IN to the game. I log into the server, choose my character, and then just sit at the load screen for like EVER.

Is anyone else having this issue? Is it just a sign the servers are cranky?

Let me know. Thanks ladies!